Musul (Mosul) 2019 izle

Mosul (2019)

Musul izle , Musul filmi izle , Mosul izle , Mosul filmi izle - The Iraqi city of Mosul was controlled by ISIS from 2014 and 2017. The only organization fighting the invaders on a constant basis during that time was Nineveh province's SWAT squad, which was made up of local males who had either been wounded or had a family member murdered by ISIS. Mosul by Carnahan is an engrossing homage to brave warriors, for whom the stakes were very personal. Kawa (Adam Bessa), a 21-year-old cop, barely makes it through a shootout. When the smoke clears, he encounters the Nineveh SWAT, headed by Jasem, who saved his life (Suhail Dabbach). ISIS just assassinated Kawa's uncle. He joins the gang, despite the fact that it has been reduced to a dozen guys, three Humvees, and an abundance of smokes. Kawa will witness the rescue of a kid and the deaths of many comrades on his first day with Nineveh SWAT, seek vengeance on a guy who deceived him, and take part in an ambush on an ISIS stronghold. Carnahan immerses us in the midst of urban battle while still allowing for poignant moments that show the men's personalities beyond their fighting duties. Mosul is a rare American film that focuses on Iraqi views. It is both muscular and compassionate.

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Mosul , izle

Orjinal İsmi Mosul

IMDB ID tt9252468


Oyuncular Hayat Kamille Suhail Dabbach Thaer Al-Shayei Waleed Elgadi

Yapım Şirketi Two Rivers Pictures, WebStringers, Epicleff Media

Süre 101 dakika

Kategori Aksiyon film,Dram film,Savaş film

8.8 10 16
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