Smiley Face Killers (2020) izle

Smiley Face Killers (2020)

Smiley Face Killers izle , Smiley Face Killers filmi izle - Jake Graham, a handsome young soccer player, thinks he is going crazy, unable to escape the sensation that he is being followed by something or someone. His friends and others around him think he's simply nervous and paranoid, casting doubt on his mental health. Jake, on the other hand, is being pursued by a tiny gang of serial murderers who stalk, drug, torture, and drown attractive young men, leaving only a graffiti Smiley Face as their mark.

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Smiley Face Killers izle

Orjinal İsmi Smiley Face Killers

IMDB ID tt12757438


Oyuncular Crispin Glover Mia Serafino Ronen Rubinstein

Yapım Şirketi Grindstone Entertainment Group

Süre 96 dakika

Kategori Korku film

8.4 10 7
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